Churches, Synagogues, and Other Spiritual Communities

Yellow pesticide-warning flags appear regularly outside houses of worship all around Boulder County. And they aren’t healthy signs. The way you take care of the grounds and pest problems at your own church, synagogue, or other building could contribute to serious health problems in your members, not to mention staff and contracted workers. Chances are this doesn’t fit with your values.

However, you’re in a great position to educate your congregation about healthy lawn and garden care and pest control—and to inspire them to action. You can start by modeling healthy lawn and garden care, as well as safe pest management, right at your own facility.

Let Us Help. We can provide a speaker to give your staff or congregation an overview of organic lawn and garden care. Also, check out the links and resources elsewhere on this website.

You Can Help Too. Inspire other congregations to action. Share your success story with us, and we’ll publicize it on this site.